Escaping The Rabbit Hole

Escaping The Rabbit Hole

Former conspiracy theorist, Antonio Perez, discusses how to deal with family and friends that have fallen down the rabbit hole.


April 23, 2024 45 mins
Watch this Podcast on Youtube about Charismatic cult leaders.Have you ever wondered what causes a person to go down conspiracy rabbit holes in the first place? If so, this will podcast will be the most important thing you listen to today."Why's that?" you ask with bated breath.Because I said so.  No seriously, you'll like it for a few reasons. My guest is fairly well known in the life coaching/personal development circles.As his wi...
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You can also watch this podcast about right wing brainwashing tactics leaving the cult behind on youtube.You know what drives me up a wall?  When people call conspiracy theorists stupid or crazy.Sure, some of them can come across as off the wall bonkers.  Stage 5 clingers if you will.  But truth be told?There's a lot of normal people that got caught up in conspiracy theory / right-wing garbage.Case in point—my guest's father.Jen Se...
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You can also watch this podcast about a former Jehovah Witness leaving the cult behind on youtube.Have you ever found yourself wondering how religious cults work?  If so, you're going to love this episode.  My guest and I talk about his descent into a religious cult.  Did my guest start off believing the most outlandish stuff?Not at all.It was a gradual descent.Like any other conspiracy theorist / cultist, Terrance wasn't introduce...
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February 24, 2024 13 mins
David Pakman, a political commentator, has a great piece about how to talk to conspiracy theorists.  I believe some of David's piece is loosely based off of this article by Charlie Warzel.In his video, Pakman talks about how socratic questioning is key to helping deradicalize a conspiracy theorist.Socratic questioning is a method of questioning that seeks to explore complex ideas, concepts, and beliefs by asking questions that chal...
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You can also watch this podcast on youtube.Episode SummaryIn this episode, my guest reveals the "Bouncing Souls" right wing media tactic keeping conspiracy theorists trapped.Hot topicsThe “soviet solution” technique that dismantles the New World Order conspiracy theories brick by brick 5:29WARNING: Never ask for proof of a conspiracy theory…ask the “reversed proof” question instead…this sneaky tactic will cause someone to doubt the...
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Episode SummaryIn this episode, I talk to a former conspiracy theorist turned hypnotherapist.  We talk about the psychology behind what pulls people into cults and conspiracy theories.Quotes We LovedGrant on political theatrics: "What's the difference between politics and professional wrestling?"— Grant [00:02:20 → 00:02:26]The Importance of Mental Health: "Mental health's important, but focusing on doom and gloom is not good for y...
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Episode SummaryIn this episode, I talk to my guest about the 9/11 Truth Movement, the Sandy Hook conspiracy fear mongers, human trafficking, and more.Quotes We LovedMental health improving after leaving conspiracy theories: "The mental health improved so much And it didn't really start improving until that moment when I was leaving the conspiracy theories behind."— Stephanie Kemmerer [00:10:18 → 00:10:32]Conspiracy theorists playin...
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Episode SummaryIn this epsiode, my guest and I talk about her life in a religious cult.  As well how she managed to escape.Quotes We LovedThe Power of Self-Belief: "The thing or the, what's wrong in society is that are believing the lie that they're not enough."— Chantelle Neufeld [00:04:29 → 00:04:36]Reprogramming Beliefs and Shifting Mindset: "I just did it a little bit at a time...When I started on that path to recognize it, and...
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Watch the hypnotic storytelling podcast on youtube Intro  In this podcast, I talk to my friend and colleague, James Hazlerig.  I wanted him as a guest to talk about the power of stories.  At the core of conspiracy theories are stories. Stories about how the world is being run and managed. From Trunk To Tale In the podcast, I mention to James about his infamous hypnotic elephant story.  If you want to experience the power of hypnoti...
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Episode SummaryI'm talking about the Maui Wild fires and the idiotic conspiracy theory that DEW weapons were used. This episode was a little bit emotional for me, because I've lived in Hawaii (Kaua'i) for 16 years.I briefly talk about some of the grief I've felt in regards to the fire — the Kupuna (elderly) and keiki (children) passing away, the loss of peoples homes, loss of 200 years of culture/cultural artifacts, etc.In this epi...
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