Man Takes Mom's Advice On His Tattoo Way Too Far

By Dave Basner

December 22, 2020

When it comes to getting a tattoo, because of how permanent ink is, many people feel that the tat should only be something incredibly meaningful. However, there are also people out there who just love getting ink, and are willing to add body art for any reason - including if it just looks cool or even as a joke.

Well one guy who was ready to add a new tattoo to his body turned to his mom for some advice. He texted her, "Gonna get a tattoo today, what should I get?" His practical mother responded by saying, "If you don't have need for one, don't get it. Tattoos are for something important."

Her words clearly had an impact on him as he decided on his tat, and he posted the results on Reddit, captioning his photo, "Mom knows best."

That's right, he had the exact text his mom sent him about how tattoos are for something important inked onto his arm.

Commenters loved the move. One wrote, "I would do that. To troll my mom for the rest of her life? Hell yes!" while others called the ink "heartfelt" and "incredible."

No word on what the man's mom thought of it though.

Photo: Getty Images, Reddit

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