Charlie Puth Drops His Most 'Vulnerable & Honest' Album Yet

By Rebekah Gonzalez

October 7, 2022

Photo: Wes and Alex for iHeartRadio

Charlie Puth's long-awaited third studio album Charlie has finally arrived. On Friday, October 7th, fans finally got to hear the songs that the hitmaker has been workshopping and teasing on his popular TikTok account over the past two years.

To introduce fans to the new songs, Charlie even made a super compilation of his TikToks that showed him working on every song on the Charlie tracklist. Before the entire album dropped, Charlie treated fans to several singles, showcasing just how honest and vulnerable he would be getting on his first studio album in four years.

"Charlie Be Quiet!" follows his attempt to repress his passion for a new love interest for fear that his enthusiasm will push them away. Its predecessor, "Smells Like Me," was written about what Charlie called, "the worst time in my life." In the earnest "I Don't Think That I Like Her," Charlie breaks down his girl problems, lamenting, "I don't think that I like her anymore/ Girls are all the same/ They just wanna see me fall apart."

During his metaverse debut in iHeartLand, the singer revealed Charlie is all about being true to himself. "It took me, I'd say, five years to figure out that people wanted to see 100 percent of me," Charlie said, "and that's why I feel like I have the most people listening to my stuff nowadays."

But Charlie didn't come to that conclusion on his own. In a recent profile interview with GQ, the musician revealed that it took harsh comments from fans and a wake-up call from the one and only Elton John. Ira Madison III writes, "John gave Puth a swift “Hello,” and jumped straight to the point: He was a fan of Puth’s second album, Voicenotes, but, he said, 'I gotta be honest with you, these three songs you’ve put out—they sound nothing like the music that you put together so beautifully on your second album. I think you’re involving too many people in your music.'"

Now, Charlie has reconnected with himself and his fans online, with a few thirst traps along the way, to present the 12 tracks on Charlie.

To celebrate the album's release, he's taking over iHeartLand in the Metaverse today during his exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party. Fans can watch and celebrate Charlie's new music with him during the special event on Friday, October 7th at 7pm ET/4pm PT in iHeartLand HERE and HERE, as well as listen on iHeartRadio's Hit Nation station at 7pm ET/4pm PT.

Charlie Puth
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