Creepy Video Shows Ghost Remove Dog's Collar

By Dave Basner

October 21, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Pet owners know that when you leave your furry friends alone in the house, anything can happen, so many use security cameras to capture whatever it is their four-legged family members are getting into. Those cameras have filmed all different kinds of incidents, from a cat saving a baby to a dog rescuing another dog to a pooch turning on the stove and setting the house on fire. However, what one woman captured on hers is freaking people out because her footage appears to show a ghost taking her dog's collar's off.

The dog owner, who goes by @Shannyfantg on TikTok, shared the chilling video. It starts off like you'd expect a basic clip of dogs in crates to begin, with two pups loudly barking away, but after about 20 seconds, the dogs go eerily silent, clearly sensing something. Then, the black dog's collar unclasps and falls off, terribly scaring the pooch, who backs up into the corner of her crate.

The video was captioned, "Sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. Watch my black dog. Ghost takes her collar off in her crate."


sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. watch my black dog. ghost takes her collar off in her crate. #fyp #ghost #dog #scary #wtf

♬ original sound - user3228721954538

Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but that isn't the only time something strange has been caught on camera at @Shannyfantg's house. She's posted other videos of paranormal activity, including a clip of her latched dog gate opening on its own and another of a bear mask being knocked off a table without anyone around to touch it.


ghost is getting cray. me and my dog were in the kitchen when it happened. #fyp #ghost #openinggate #why #creepy

♬ original sound - user3228721954538

guess the ghost doesn't like my bear mask. #fup #creepy #activity

♬ original sound - user3228721954538

Many commenters who watched the videos felt chills, especially after seeing the clip of the collar coming off. One wrote, "They felt that energy!!! Period," while another said, "They definitely sensed something, they felt that energy shift."

Others doubted that there was anything supernatural in the video, writing things like, "Pretty sure your dog's jaw unclamped the collar," and, "The collar unclasped and scared the dog. That is all," and, "You don't have a ghost in the house. Even the dog collar was sus because the 'silence' looks like it was just paused."

You can see if any other strange happenings happen to @Shannyfantg by following her here.

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