Simple 'Mirror Trick' Can Tell You If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

By Dave Basner

February 10, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

While many couples are faithful to one another, there are just as many that have a member who cheats. Partners have discovered infidelity everywhere from doorbell cameras to selfies to wifi settings to Fitbits - even in restaurant reviews and on Google Maps. Well it turns out that there is actually a simple trick that can show you if your significant other is cheating, and all you need for it is a certain type of mirror.

TikTok user Aurie Louisse shared the hack in a video, explaining that you just need to use the mirror in the sun visor in your partner's car. Many of those mirrors have a sliding protector over them, and to do the trick, all you need to do is leave that slider half-open. If the next time you get in the car that slider is either fully opened or closed, you know someone else has been using it, and chances are good you're being cheated on.


old hack but effective

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Of course, there are some issues with the technique, as commenters pointed out. A family member, friend or even the significant other themselves could use the mirror, or, as one person wrote, "Until the car hits a speed bump and it fixes itself." So just because the position of the slider has changed, it doesn't definitely mean cheating is happening.

Others pointed out that if someone is setting a trap like this, there are bigger issues at play, writing things like, "If there is no trust, there is no relationship." Another commenter said the trick is unnecessary, noting, "If your gut is telling you something is off, it's probably true."

Whatever their feelings on the mirror hack are, plenty of people were interested in it. The video has been watched four million times. Check out more from Aurie here.

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