Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess

Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess

Are you craving Best Life, minus the Burnout… constantly striving for more, and quite frankly — F’n over it? Want more happiness, peace, and purpose… NOW? Well then LET’S. GO. From Emmy Award Winning TV host Zuri Hall comes ‘Hot Happy Mess’ — your new go-to podcast for mindfully ambitious Millennial women. It’s the same fun, down-to-earth vibes that Zuri’s known for during her candid red carpet interviews + celebrity sit-downs (on MTV, E! News, and now Access Hollywood)... but this show is all about the most important VIP of your life: YOU. And it’s time to own it!This podcast will help you take it all a little less seriously, and find your magic in the middle of life’s messes. No more putting off your living for tomorrow.Self-Care. Relationships. Mental Wellness. New Motherhood. Team No Kids. Career Wins (and Fails). Social Media. Real stories from real, amazing everyday women. We’re covering it all. Our North Star is ‘Happy’ and it’s not an end destination — it’s a state of being, during the entire journey of our lives. Wine (and tequila, and vodka, and whiskey… and pretty much everything else) will be spilled. The occasional f*bomb will be dropped. Laughs (and a few tears) will be shed. Messes will be made… but we’ll find our magic, in the middle of them. Together. New episodes every Monday!Follow @ZuriHall and @HotHappyMess on Instagram to keep the good vibes going.


March 2, 2023 54 mins

Have you ever asked yourself, Why Am I Like This?

Kobe Campbell is an award-winning licensed trauma therapist, author, media expert, and speaker. Her mission is to help those struggling with traumas that affect our core identities.  It is Campbell’s objective to help people identify the why, identify the truth, and then find the unique path that will guide them from the lie to their divine truth. 

Kobe Campbell is currently prepa...

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Are you curious about what the “Divine Feminine” is? Do you want to embrace that side of your energy more??

We all have masculine and feminine energy within us and it’s important to acknowledge both; as well as discern which energy leads in our lives, relationships and experiences.

Jillian Guerin’s main passion in life is learning and sharing the beauty of being a woman and helping others step into their individual power.

In thi...

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February 1, 2023 51 mins

Hot Happy Mess is all about finding ways to create ease, reduce stress and develop a softer life experience.  In today’s episode, Zuri updates us on her life, and her most recent endeavors, brings back the “Ask Zuri” segment and offers a very special giveaway at the end of the show!

To download your FREE 30 Days of Affirmations to Manifest a Soft Life, visit:  https://zurihall.ck.page/8da400471a

Share this episode with a friend N...

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Everybody is going to die! And, have you ever thought about how you’re gonna go or how your loved ones are gonna go? Today Zuri is joined by Death Doula Alua Arthur to discuss what to do, so we can be at peace so we can live presently and die gracefully.  

Zuri and Alua unpack what a death doula is, the stigma around death, healing after someone has passed, and reimagining our approach to death. 

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December 8, 2022 59 mins

The word “narcissist” is thrown around so much these days, but do we know exactly what the term means?  What exactly makes someone a narcissist vs someone who is just reacting from trauma patterns or emotional immaturity, We explore this word in depth with Shirin Peykar.


Dr. Ramani’s YouTube Channel


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It’s time to stop making broke ass decisions.  It’s time to get our finances in order because WE SHOULD ALL BE MILLIONAIRES.  In this episode we discuss; how to make million-dollar decisions for our businesses, how to scale your growth, and build your teams with Brittany Martin the Chief Operating Officer of Hello Seven.

Hello Seven is a female-run company specializing in business, marketing, financial, and legal training. The mis...

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November 16, 2022 51 mins

Tis the Season and the perfect timing for an episode on FINANCES! We walk to the founder of The Financial Diet Chelsea Fagan, she gives us a rundown on everything love and money and how they go hand and hand. Yes! You and your partner should have an open dialogue about money and/or even with potential bae, Chelsea expounds on why it’s important to have this conversation relatively early. She offers some open-ended questions that ca...

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November 12, 2022 46 mins

If you are a mother who likes to travel with your little one(s), this episode and service is for you?  Have you ever been in a hotel or airport and ran out of diapers or basic essential items to care for your child? If so then you would agree with Dominique that someone somewhere dropped the ball, but after traveling with her first child and experiencing this seemingly obvious issue, she decided to fix it.

Lightly is a premium tra...

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November 3, 2022 79 mins

Traveling and love are tricky enough, even when they aren't combined. So finding love abroad doesn’t come without its challenges. How do ex-pats do it? In this episode, we explore living abroad as a pathway to wellness.  Christine Job host of Flourish in the Foreign a podcast that showcases the stories of Black women living & thriving abroad.  She shares stories of life in Spain, how she got there, how it is now that she calls ...

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August 10, 2022 57 mins

From our first loves to our first heartbreaks... and the future firsts we can't wait for! Zuri is joined by her girls Travasha & Leah for a hilariously fun, unfiltered Group Chat. Plus, get caught up on the latest in the ladies' personal lives -- there's a LOT to cover (from Doja Cat vs. Noah Schnapp... to a super random convo on cults... and one of us becoming a pilot!). Grab a glass of something, and get ready to laugh.

Are you ready for some mindset magic?! Today Zuri is chatting with spiritual teacher Dr. Deganit Nuur, who is sharing how we can open ourselves up to the universe and manifest the life we deserve (yup, that includes your ideal soulmate). 

Dr. Deganit and Zuri dive into the woo-woo of it all and chat about auras, ditching limiting beliefs, and the steps to breaking the so-called rules of life that might be holding us back.

Get rea...

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Mental health is wealth. Today Zuri is joined by Dr. Rheeda Walker to discuss the stigma of mental health within the Black community, how anxiety can take hold of our daily lives, how we can use psychological fortitude to begin our healing journeys, and her new book: The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health.

The conversation continues as Zuri and Dr. Rheeda explore the toll of high-functioning depression amongst Black women, ...

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Peace should never feel foreign. Today Zuri is joined by artist and writer Morgan Harper Nichols for a fantastic conversation on why peace is a practice, her personal story of being diagnosed with Autism, and how she remains inspired even when dealing with burnout.


Morgan also dishes on how she enforces her digital boundaries amongst her 2 million social media followers, battling imposter syndrome, and she shares three ways to ...

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Finding a good therapist can feel a lot like dating (exhausting!), but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Today Zuri is chatting with Lia Mancao, a licensed therapist about who therapy is for; why we need to toss out the stigmas surrounding mental health; and the new therapy technique that is helping to treat Prince Harry’s trauma. 


Stay tuned as Z shares her journey to finding a therapist and how it’s helped with her personal ...

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Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer, oh! In today’s episode, Zuri is joined by astrologer and author, Mecca Woods, who is breaking down romantic compatibility for the zodiac signs, how each sign can best protect their peace for ultimate mental wellness, and how each sign can improve their relationships with family and friends!

Join us for a deep dive into the celestial as Mecca explains the importance of Saturn’s Return, planet al...

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Babes, the tantalizing queen Achieng Agutu joins Zuri for a refreshing, joyous, and vulnerable conversation on how she lost herself after a bad breakup and why choosing herself was the best decision ever made. Achieng gets emotional as she shares about her journey to becoming her unapologetic self,  why her therapist is her homegirl, and her special tips on how to actually build confidence!

Stay tuned as Achieng shares the #1 tool...

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Are you ready to step into the future? In this week's episode, Zuri is chatting with digital media executive Melissa Henderson and deep-diving a bit deeper into the crypto of it all. Melissa is breaking down what exactly NFTs are (and why you should care), why Web 3.0 is the future of the internet, and just how the metaverse works. Melissa also shares why Black women & WOC should be pivoting into the crypto space, potential car...

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Self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time. This week, Zuri sits down with Dr. Adia Gooden, a licensed clinical psychologist, for a fantastic conversation on how we can cultivate a sense of unconditional self-worth outside of our career ambitions and our romantic and platonic relationships. They explore how we can show up for ourselves by reinforcing our boundaries, speaking up for ourselves (including in the bedroom), and...

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Moved to a new city? Searching for mom friends? Need a brunch, bestie? We got you! This week, Zuri is joined by Danielle Bayard Jackson, a certified friendship coach, and she’s sharing her expert tips on how women can make friends (and how to keep them!) They also explore what it means to be a low-maintenance friend, can you have more than one BFF,  and how to break up with your toxic friend (plus what are t...

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Gorgeous, gorgeous girls, do NOT date F*CK Boys! Zuri’s back at it again with her girls from the Group Chat (Ashlee and Cleo) for an honest convo about sex and relationships. They’re sharing their personal stories on how to tell if he’s a f*ck boy and the red flags to watch out for! They break down the difference between situationships and friends with benefits (and what are the rules?!), and how to avoid catching...

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