20 Top-Tier Moments From Drake's 'It's All A Blur Tour' With 21 Savage

By Tony M. Centeno

October 9, 2023

Drake & 21 Savage
Photo: Ryan K

Drake's tour with 21 Savage has literally been a blur.

The past three months have been full of eye-popping events that went down at Drake's "It's All A Blur Tour" with 21 Savage. Based on all the wild footage we've seen on social media, it's safe to say fans who attended the 27-city tour will never forget their experience. We've watched fans get closer to Drake and 21 than ever before at the beginning of each show. We've witnessed Drizzy give away thousands dollars of fans, and hooked them up with lavish purses. We've seen numerous women toss bras at him, and the mountain of fan's bras he's built up over time.

Not only did fans win big during the tour, but so did Drake. According to Touring Data, the Grammy award-winning artist made history as the first rap artist to rack up over $5 million from a single arena concert. The numbers were based on his shows in Washington, D.C., which brought in over $5 million on July 28 and July 29. As of August, his tour has garnered over $41 million and counting.

The numbers and memories don't lie. In case you missed out on the festivities, scroll down below to see 20 of the best moments from Drake's "It's All A Blur Tour" with 21 Savage.

Drake walks out with several celebrity guests

Drake brought out plenty of special guests during his tour. At the beginning of each show each night, Drake made his descent down the stairs to get up close and personal with his fans before he kicked off the show. Sometimes he would surprise the crowd by inviting a different celebrity to join him on his journey to the stage. Throughout the tour, he's walked out with artists like Meek Mill, Lil Durk, Bow Wow, and DJ Khaled who used his time to tease two new Drake songs on his upcoming album. Drake also invited athletes like Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, LeBron & Bronny James to join him on his walk down to the stage.

Fans stunned by Drake rapping to his younger self

At the beginning of his tour, fans were enamored with the first performance of the night. Following his grand entrance, Drake walked up to the stage and sat down next to what fans believed was a hologram of his younger self on a couch. He performed his 2011 song "Look What You've Done" off his Take Care album while his teenage self was listening. In reality, it was just an real-life actor who kinda looked like him, but the imagery and significance of the moment alone was incredible to witness. Teenaged Drake made other appearances throughout the show, but the introductory performance is one of the stand-out moments of the show.

Drake honors his mom Sandi Graham

During his second night at Madison Square Garden in New York, the OVO Sound founder invited his mother Sandi Graham to sit by his side on stage. She looked so proud as her son rapped "Look What You Done" to her. After they hugged and embraced each other, Mrs. Graham looked teary-eyed as she reached out to hold his hand.

His massive floating stage props sparked plenty of conversation

As he performed his hits throughout the night, Drake had several gigantic balloons in the shape of random figures from a tall bride to an illuminated UFO float around the stage and over the audience. Fans jaws dropped when they saw a gang of floating sperm cells swim over the stage while Drake performed. At one point, Ghostface from the Scream franchise floated over the stage as Drizzy and 21 performed songs like "Knife Talk" and "Rich Flex."

Fans threw several inanimate objects including hundreds of bras

Some fans thought it was funny to join in on the terrible trend of throwing things at artists at concerts by chucking numerous items at Drake during his tour. He's been hit with a cell phone and nearly got pummeled by a copy of his own poetry book before he caught it in midair. However, the only items Drake allowed fans to throw at him were women's bras.

One fan actually got an offer from Playboy after throwing her bra at Drake

One woman in particular actually impressed Drake with her bra size. Veronica Correia gained plenty of popularity overnight after Drake caught her 36G bra and was clearly blown away. "Locate this woman immediately," he told the crowd at the Barclay's Center in New York. He didn't get a chance to meet her in person, but she still managed to attract attention from the likes of Playboy, who offered her a gig with their influencer program.

Drake eventually revealed his massive collection of all the bras from all his tour stops

Nearly three months into his tour, Drake racked up A LOT of bras of all sizes and colors from around the world. He decided to show off his massive collection in a series of photos he posted to his Instagram page. He even used the idea for one of his tour shirt, which features a mountain of bras with the caption "Lost & Found" under it.

J. Cole was one of the few artists who Drake brought out on stage during his tour

Drake needed a legit replacement for 21 Savage, who couldn't leave the U.S. due to his own immigration issues. Instead, Drizzy called on J. Cole to pull up. Cole performed couple of his notable bangers like "Middle Child" and "Power Trip." At one point during the set, Drake asked Cole if they would team up for a new collaboration on Cole's upcoming album. Fans definitely felt like they witnessed history that night.

He also brought out Travis Scott

Drake also recruited Travis Scott to pull up on his show in Vancouver shortly after UTOPIA dropped. During his set, the Houston MC performed several stand-out from the album like "I Know?" and "FE!N." Drake eventually joined him to perform "MELTDOWN" together for the first time along with "Sicko Mode."

Drake keeps fans on their toes about his upcoming album

Fans already knew the album was in the works way before the tour kicked off at the top of July. 24 hours after Titles Ruin Everything was announced, Drake confirmed that he made an album to go with his first poetry book. Throughout the tour, the 36-year-old artist revealed a different clue about the project and fans ate it up. He announced upcoming collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Bad Bunny. He told fans that Noah "40" Shebib was working on the album in the back while he was on stage. Drake even teased timeframes like "in a couple weeks" without giving exact dates, and fans got mad every time he missed their target date.

"I didn't say it was dropping last night," Drake said to the crowd in Seattle on August 25. "So, don't be mad at me! I just said it was coming soon."

21 Savage also confirmed his next solo album is on the way

With his own album on the way, Drake was way too hype to announce 21's album. Towards the end of their show in New York City, Drake confirmed that both their albums are on the way.

Drake shoutout Gillie Da King and his late son YNG Cheese

During his stop in Philadelphia, Drake took some time out to pay homage to the late YNG Cheese. The 25-year-old rapper was gunned down in his hometown just days before the show. His father Gillie Da King was in the building and heard Drizzy's touching tribute.

“Before we get started, one of our friends, our brothers in this shit, lost his son the other day,” Drake said. “So I wanna dedicate this show tonight to Cheese. Y’all make some noise for Gillie and his son Cheese. Express some positivity!”

One couple got hooked up with a trip to Turks & Caicos on Drake

Drake felt extremely generous throughout the course of his tour. In addition to providing the vibes, Drizzy also gave away $30,000 Birkin purses and wads of cash away to lucky fans during shows in select cities. One couple actually cancelled their honeymoon fund in order to attend his concert in Atlanta. After seeing their sign in the crowd, the "Daylight" rapper decided to hook them up with a trip to his favorite place: Turks & Caicos.

Drake also gave $50,000 each to a heartbroken fan and another who spent furniture money on tickets

During his shows in September, Drake decided to give away $50,000 to two lucky fans for various reasons. A guy at his stop in Las Vegas held up a sign that said he spent his furniture money on two tickets for both shows in Sin City. Drake sympathized with the fan and hooked him up with 50 bands. A few weeks later at his show in Miami, another dude brought a sign that said, "I spent all my savings buying tickets for me and my ex, but Honestly, Nevermind, it’s really Her Loss." Drake was so impressed by the sign that he gave the guy $50K just to stunt on his ex.

"You know what? She’s gonna feel real f**ked up ’cause I’ma give you 50 bands so you gon’ flex on her tonight," Drake said. "That’s how we doing it tonight, big dog! It’s your night tonight! And I won’t say it how y’all said it, but f**k that young lady."

Drake shouts out Birdman, Slim, Lil Baby, Rylo Rodriguez & Tom Brady

Speaking of his show in Miami, Drake was surrounded by plenty of special guests who pulled up to watch him perform. Midway through his set, the boy showed up love to Birdman and Slim of Cash Money and then went to the DJ booth where he posted up with Lil Baby, Rylo Rodriguez and the GOAT Tom Brady.

Sexyy Red and Central Cee warmed up the crowd

The latter half of Drake's tour was full of surprises. After knocking out their "On The Radar Radio Freestyle," Central Cee joined the tour as an opening act. A couple of weeks later, Drake decided to add Sexyy Red to the lineup. The announcement came as a shock to some fans who were expecting to see her on Moneybagg Yo's tour since she was booked as a supporting act months ago. Nonetheless, her slot on Drake's tour worked out in her favor. Not only did she get to perform her greatest hits, but she also landed on Drake's new song "Rich Baby Daddy" with SZA off his new album For All The Dogs.

Drake gives away brand-new car

The boy kept up his generous streak up until the end of his tour. On night one of his two-night finale, the Toronto native raffled off a brand-new Mercedes-Benz G550V G-Wagon to a lucky fan at the Scotiabank Arena. He picked out the winning ticket from the raffle drum and instantly changed one of his fan's life forever.

Lil Baby makes surprise appearance in Toronto

21 Savage had trouble getting into Toronto for the second to last night of the tour so Drake had his other brother Lil Baby pull up to the show. Baby came through to the tune of "Wants & Needs." He continued his set with his other collaboration with Drizzy "Yes Indeed."

J. Cole & Drake perform "First Person Shooter" for the first time together

Less than 48 hours after he dropped his new album, Drake hit the stage for the final night of the "It's All A Blur Tour." During the show, Drizzy invited J. Cole to come back to Toronto for a special performance. The duo performed their new collaboration "First Person Shooter" together for the first time, and the fans went wild.

21 Savage performs at his first show outside of the U.S. after getting his green card

On the final night of the tour, Drake celebrated the end of 21 Savage's immigration dilemma. The Canadian rapper formally introduced 21 ahead of his first performance outside of the United States. After he made his grand entrance, the fans welcomed 21 by singing the Canadian national anthem. The duo celebrated by performing their hits off Her Loss and "Knife Talk" together for the first time in Drake's hometown. Later on, Drizzy said that the performance was, "hands down the best moment I ever had in my career on stage."

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