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Be Customer Led

We explore the intersection between customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and how companies are creating leaders and cultures that are maniacal about their customers - both internal and external. Visit us on


February 24, 2023 32 mins

This week’s episode of the Be Customer Led podcast features Amanda Ono, Chief Human Resources Officer at Kroll. When she was in college, her passion was the interaction between teams and leaders and how they worked together to drive results. She worked in a wide range of positions, including recruiting, training, and building leadership programs, which led her towards the specific title she holds now. In today’s conversation, we ta...

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Today's episode of Be customer Led features Kimberly Wiefling, founding member & global consultant at Silicon Valley Alliances. Her superpower is uniting people of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and aesthetic preferences to accomplish a common goal. Kimberly has worked in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Also, she has visited Japan more than a hundred times to work with the culturally diverse staff of gl...

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The CEO of Wine Access, Inc., Joe Fisch, joins Bill Staikos on this week's episode of Be Customer Led. Through careful selection, engaging narratives, and impeccable provenance, Wine Access makes finding and enjoying the world's most inspiring wines simple. During this episode, Joe discusses a variety of the experiences, insights, and perspectives that he has gained throughout his time working in the wine industry. 

[02:37] ...

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This week on Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos, we interview Stacy Salvi, Vice President of Strategy at Movano Health. Movano Health is creating a portfolio of purpose-driven healthcare products to bring medical-grade, high-quality data to the forefront of consumer health devices. They are on a mission to empower and inspire you to live a healthier, happier life by integrating crucial health data with individualized intelligent fee...

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January 18, 2023 29 mins

Janet Polach, executive coach, speaker, author, and retired marine, joins Bill Staikos for this week's episode of Be Customer Led. Janet has extensive training and expertise as an executive coach and leader-builder. Leaders throughout the world have benefited from her coaching and guidance. She has a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Development from the University of Minnesota and is a retired Marine lieutenant colonel. T...

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Trey Hoffman, Vice President of Customer Experience at Fleetio, joins the Be Customer Led podcast for this episode. Fleetio's software enables global organizations to track, analyze, and enhance fleet operations. In today's episode, Trey, who has a deep-seated interest in assembling formidable teams to aid clients in achieving their goals by employing novel approaches, discusses his experiences in this regard.

[01:03 Trey...

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The current generation of chatbot technology utilized in business and consumer settings has significant shortcomings, such as a lack of long-term memory, interactive learning, deep contextual knowledge, and the inability to reason or explain itself, making conversing in a meaningful manner impossible. Our guest today is Peter Voss, the founder/ CEO/ chief scientist at AGI Innovations & is the most sophisticated...

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December 15, 2022 33 mins

“Part of the instinct of getting started with new products, for me, is starting with real human motivations and the customer base you are going after.”

Adam Nash, CEO & Co-Founder at Daffy, joins Bill Staikos on this episode of Be Customer Led. Daffy is a non-profit organization founded on the principle that everyone should set something aside for those in need. Providing a streamlined mobile experience for saving, investing, an...

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“The best gift you could give your employees is to put them in a position where they can earn a life of meaning and purpose through service to others that get recognized and rewarded by teammates.”

This episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos features Fred Reichheld. Fred is one of the world's leading customer and employee loyalty experts. He is the Net Promoter System (NPS®) creator and has been called the "high priest...

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“A core part of what we do through strategic workforce planning is translating that purpose and strategy into what the organization needs from its workforce.”

This week on Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos, we speak with Alicia Roach, Founder, and CEO of eQ8 and a global thought leader in Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics. Alicia has spearheaded the development of a globally unique SWP solution, "eQ8," by combining ...

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This episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos features Jennie Weber, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience & Insights at Best Buy. With over a thousand stores and over a hundred thousand employees in the United States and Canada, Best Buy addresses essential human needs in areas such as productivity, security, health, entertainment, and connectivity. In today's discussion, Jennie shares her insights and experienc...

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“Customer experience isn't something that organizations control because that is ultimately how customers perceive their interactions with the company.”

On this episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos, Michael Hinshaw, President of McorpCX, joins us in conversation. Michael and his group assist businesses in improving their interactions with customers by applying digital and customer-centric innovations. Prominent analysts h...

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November 2, 2022 32 mins

“The entire sales process simply seeks to understand and define clearly the problem the prospect is having at this moment, the impact that it's having on their business, and then how we can be the solution and solve that gap.”

Grant Freeman is the guest on this episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos. Being the Chief Customer Officer at Thryv, growing the SaaS division's income is one of Grant's primary concerns. Gr...

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“It’s your customers telling you what they think about your company, what your product about your service; it’s incredibly valuable if you can use that to your benefit.”

Etie Hertz, CEO of, is featured in this episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos. Currently, Loris provides customer service employees with real-time coaching. When transitioning to chat and email-based customer care, firms employ Loris to assist the su...

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“You don't move past obsession. I guess what's beyond obsession is more obsession.”

This episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos features Marbue Brown. He is the founder of The Customer Obsession Advantage, an organization devoted to assisting businesses in achieving exceptional business outcomes through customer obsession. He is an experienced executive in the field of customer experience (CX) who has proven his abilit...

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“When people ask me what marketing is, I say it's the customer experience from the first time they engage with your brand to the last time they purchase and after that.”

Erik Huberman, the Founder, and CEO of HawkeMedia, the fastest growing marketing consultancy in the United States, appears on this episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos. Hawke Media began operations in 2014 and has seen its valuation rise to $75 million w...

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This episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos features Ivonne Kinser. Ivonne is the Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for "Avocados from Mexico." She is in charge of the high-performance team and the company's innovation strategy, both of which helped propel "Avocados from Mexico" to the top of the branding category on Fast Company's 2021 list of the world's most innovative companies. Throug...

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“You have to be careful about what dials you are changing because you do not get to learn if you are doing too much, specifically in driving customer acquisition costs down, which is something we think a lot about.”

On this week's episode of Be Customer Led podcast with Bill Staikos; the special guest is Corey Ashton Walters, the Founder, and CEO of Here. "Here" makes it possible for people all over the world to invest i...

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This episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos features Bella Obudho, Head of Operations and Customer Experience at BrighterMonday Kenya. BrighterMonday Kenya is part of Ringier One Africa Media Group (ROAM), one of Africa's major digital publishers, offering global businesses to access targeted audiences nationally, regionally, and continentally. Bella is regarded as a thought leader in ROAM Africa, where she manages the CX...

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“Smart AI can differentiate who you’re talking to, when you’re talking to them, and what you need to say, and how that’s where this starts to make a real difference.”

Christopher Willis, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer of Acrolinx, joins us on this episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos. Chris is regarded as a very innovative and results-driven CMO with a track record of building effective marketing and sales...

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