UFO Filmed On Doorbell Camera Flying Erratically Over California

By Dave Basner

April 1, 2022

Photo: Dave Basner

Owners of doorbell cameras know that along with capturing the postal worker's daily visits and an occasional squirrel or rabbit, there are sometimes stranger things that wind up getting filmed by the device. In the past, videos from doorbell cameras have shown bizarre behavior, meltdowns, animal attacks, insults, cheaters, even a woman giving birth and odder still, an alien abduction. Well now, one doorbell camera captured something out of this world - a UFO.

The video, which was filmed in Bakersfield, California, was sent in to the local news. It shows the nighttime sky when all of a sudden, an object moves erratically through the darkness with light trailing behind it.

The man who submitted the clip said that the object came down from the south beyond the trees, before whipping through the sky at a very high speed.

Per 23 ABC News, the Bakersfield Police as well as a UFO research center were both alerted, but neither could explain what was shown in the video.

Commenters had some thoughts though, with many believing what is in the video is something extraterrestrial. One person wrote, "This don't look like a camera distortion, it looks like something going so fast it's leaving a trail of some type of gas and a slightly uneven movement, very strange. There is no craft that can do that that we know of." Another suggested, "It was probably a meteorite, I have seen similar events leaving a smokey trail." Someone else said, "It's an angel," while another asked, "Could be part of the solar flare that is taking place?"

However, others felt it was something more Earthly, stating that it is just a bug or swamp gas.

As yet, no official explanation has been released about what the object could be.

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